Coo Coo for Coconut Oil!

If you haven't been living under a rock you may have noticed more and more beauty products using essential oils that you traditionally thought were too icky or too thick to even imagine working into your skin regimen but the myths have been lifted and fears are being subdued! Amen to that!

Coconut oil has all these wonderful properties and can even be used for cooking! Now for many its a scary thought to put oil on top of your skin but simply adding this one ingredient to your nightly routine may have some excellent skin benefits!  I love the smell and the consistency is not so scary so starting with this oil is the best. My favorite is the one right off the Trader Joe's shelf, and if you have a local one it will only cost you $5.99 + tax for 16fl oz! (Give or take)

There are so many uses for example this can be used as a hair mask for a shiny natural gloss.

Lip moisturizer put it in a nice pot from an old eye shadow or old lip gloss tin and will work as an instant lip moisturizer or lip balm

It can also replace a gargle like Listerine and clean those sparkly whites just swish and swoosh a spoon full for about 20-30 seconds and spit!

Don't have a moisturizer handy using a nice quarter size after you had washed and toned will help lock in moisture and give yourself a nice smooth appearance

And of course baking, I have personally used Coconut Oil as a substitute to butter or oils in cookie recipes works so well at still binding all the necessary ingredients =)

Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil