Derma Roller is the real Deal!

Sometimes we can go above and beyond for beauty so when I read up on the Derma Roller I just needed to find out for myself. I went in skeptical but there are hundreds of mixed reviews on youtube/online/blogs but the majority were all positive; which is what you want before diving in to testing or trying a product... and I am happy to report it worked for me and my acne scars with probably some of the best results ever.

So I ordered my Derma Roller on Amazon based on price and reviews and opted for the 0.5 mm. They range from 0.25 mm all the way to 2.0 mm. Reading reviews and watching vlogs I found that its effectiveness really begins with 0.5 mm and no way was I going to jump in going for anything bigger. When I got it in the mail the packaging was like the picture. It was packaged in a plastic container which I also clean after each use.

The product:

IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! Obviously anything that has some needle jutting out of a roller is going to have pain and I really have a good tolerance for pain but it really is uncomfortable to get used to at first I gave up a few times but I took a deep breathe and rolled on. I thought to myself okay one week every night you can do it! It hurt the most on the less fatty parts of my face like the forehead so I would do that first to get it out of the way and I would roll it on my face in a horizontal, vertical and criss cross motion on each area.

The steps:
Cleanse, derma roll, then would tone and moisturize