Sleepy Eyes to Sleeping Beauty


The windows to our soul need delicate loving and I for one have gone through my ups and downs with several products but I have found the balance that will ensure you to healthier looking glows in the morning and the diminishing appearance of dark circles!
The first product I have grown to love is Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream. At first I thought it was greasy but I had come to find with this product a little goes a long way! The greasiness comes from the evening primrose oil from what I can gather. The evening primrose oil is really rich in fatty acids, which provides intense hydration while delicately nourishing the sensitive skin around our eyes. What I love so much about Korres products is that they are formulated without parabens or sulfates or dyes or petrochemicats or GMOs. I for one can tell you the appearance of the dark circles around my eyes had significantly improved after a week of evenings with this product!
So it does have its cons because it can take a while but perfect skin for people battling the elements must be patient! This is also a product that can be harsh for people with very delicate or sensitive skin so apply a little if you know your skin to react sensitively to certain types of products! Always read the labels and always read more than one review and the best thing I can think of for you to do if you want to try this product and have sensitive skin is go to a store that sells it and ask for a sample or test it out on your skin rather then purchasing it unless it has a money back guarantee! My skin is pretty resilient to products and just soaks it up so it works great for me but everyone is different and so you need to do what is best for you!
For Usage:
I usually apply this right before bed a small pea size is all I need and I massage into the skin just below my eyes and on the lid! I use this specifically when my eyes have been feeling tired and honestly its one of those products that just does the trick

The next product I use daily now is surprise surprise a Ceramide Eye Gel from Mario Badescu. I don't have worries of aging but puffiness in the morning is a huge issue for me after long nights and short sleep... so what I do is I have this always sitting in my fridge and use a q-tip and apply it on the problem areas... if there is excess I use it on my lips and it is amazing what a job it does on my sensitive skin around my eyes
It is truly...
truly truly a sleeping beauty's aid =)

Improve the delicate eye skin’s hydration levels with our greaseless, lightweight eye gel formulated with softening Ceramides and nourishing Herbal Extracts. Diminishes puffiness and tired eyes. Store in the fridge for a soothing morning eye treatment.

How to Use: Pat a small amount of gel around and under eye area using the ring finger. Use twice daily for best results.

Beauty Tip: Use excess eye cream around delicate lip area as an emollient treatment. Using eye gel cool right out of the refrigerator relieves puffy, tired eyes.

Ceramides (and) Cholesterol,Herbal Extract,Water,Glycerin,Silicone,Propylene Glycol,Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Methylparaben (and) Propylparaben,Triethanolamine

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